Copy paste share. The current age can be defined as a ‘flood of information society’ where identical data is copied endlessly. Like any other data, artworks are also being copied and stored in mass amounts. These then can become surplus blockages that hinder others from finding their intended information. Considering the current situation, it can be argued that artworks are also transfiguring into ‘spam’. This project express that digital artworks meaningful to others can be meaninglesss to me, and how my digital artwork can be treated as ‘spam’to others.

Project Workflow

Image description: Participants create their own artworks out of clay. 

Image description: The artworks are 3D scanned in realtime. 

Image description: Their mission is to find their artworks in this highly populated world. They can endlessly copy their 3D artworks at random places to increase the possibility of acheiving their goal. In addition, they can destroy other artworks that are blocking their way. 

Image description: After the exhibition, participants receive a mail that gives information about their artwork being destroyed by other participants.

Online showcase


Image description:Our project was interviewed by Matter and Form, a 3D scanner company. 

Park Syemin

3D Designer 
Park Syemin

Software Engineer 
Kim Seoyeon

VR Engineer 
Ahn Kihoon

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- Arts Electronica .Art Global Gallery

︎︎︎ Matter and Form Interview