‘Bump!’ is one of the five workshops that was organized for the project ‘Ferris Wheel’, which aimed to share practical knowledge and insightful values within the theme of ‘technocracy’. 

‘Bump!’ is a VR Game Workshop that gives digital censorship a physical shape, allowing the possibility to fully sense and tangibly understand the effects of propaganda and censorship. In the first session, participants play a multiplayer game where the path of the participant using the VR headset is physically blocked or opened intentionally by the oppoenent’s bodies. This repetitive situation leads to a constant change of route and ultimately the alteration of one’s original destination, mirroring the manipulation caused by the strict control of accessibility through propaganda and censorship. 

In the next session, artists and participants look into the mechanism, discuss the necessity, and brainstorm alternative online censorship and propanganda systems.


Image description: The project ‘Ferris Wheel’ started from ‘Unfold X Cultural Panning Academy’

Application Form

Image description: Screenshot of the application form used to invite participants. 


Image description: Pamphlets for Ferris wheel(left) and Bump!(right)


Participant Notes

Image description: Notes by the participants during the workshop.

VR World

Image description: 1:1 scaled mapping of the real workshop site(left) and the virtual world(right)

Other Programs

Image description: Ferris Wheel consisted of one lecture and five workshops performed within three days.

Ferris Wheel

Park Syemin, Park Seoyoung, Lee Ahyun, Kim Jiyoung, Moon Hae-in

Participating Artists
Park Syemin & Byeon Jahyo, Jeon Yoojin, Jeong Yoonseon, Jung Heemin, Jo Eunhee, Hwang Sunjung 

Support and Funded 
SAPY(Seoul Artists’ Platform New&Young)
SFAC(Seoul Foundation For Arts and Culture)

Alterside, 2022.2.18 - 2022.2.20