Eau De Data

Eau De Data is an interactive installation(perfume maker) with the theme of ‘Digital Fabrication’; our data defines who we become. This project focuses on the gap between the digital identity personalized advertisement systems are constructing on us online, and users’ true characteristics. Consequently, rather than using intentionally offered data from the kiosk, the machine secretly collects data from the audience through algorithms, AI and sensors, trying to analyze and derive meaning by its own biased standards. 

These data are then used to create an artificial medium(perfume) that reflects the audience’s personality from the perspective of the machine. Through this process, audiences can tangibly and conceptually sense how misrepresented data is collected, turned into personalized contents, and constantly influence our identity in the modern age. 

Image description: Types of personal information facebook collects from their users.  Source: Facebook

Image description: Pipeline of Personalized Ads System  Source: Facebook

Image description: (left ) Facebook’s ‘Interest Category List’. When I tried to delete a category irrelevant with me, a message popped up.
It said that if Facebook thinks the categories are still relevant with me, they will keep showing me ads related to the deleted category
Image description: (right) Statistics on incorrect personal data.  Source: Apple’s “A Day in the Life of Your Data”

Image description: Maison 21G’s Scene Collection Decoding (left), 12 Scents and their corresponding fruit impressions

Early Conecpts



Park Syemin

SoftWare Engineer
Kim Seoyeon, Park Syemin

Hardware Engineer 
Kim Juwon

Electronics Engineer
Oh Saemin

Graphic Designer
Kim Jisoo

[Log In] Digital Arts Festival, Seoul Institute of The Arts

Robotics, Perfume Dispenser, Lidar, AI, Touch Screen