Copilot C: Your Community’s AI Pair Programmer

How should large language models (LLMs) be designed to support the transmission of the ethos and values of computing communities? Computer programming is not merely an activity of generating code. It is also an act of learning, participating, and actively expressing the community values and culture that have developed around the programming language/library.

Recently, many programmers and creative computing artists have been using LLM based services to develop software. While these current tools are efficient in generating code, they do not simulaneously convey the socio-cultural values surrrounding these programming libraries.

This research aims to explore the core values pursued by a computing community(p5.js) and embue them inside an AI model. Through this, we hope to show that LLMs can go beyond being simple tools for code generation but act as vessels for conveying and helping the creation of new community values.

Forkingroom 2024 _ Hyper, Super, X-Large...Boom!

Forking Room 2024 includes, but is not limited to, AI mega-models, the size of datasets, data augmentation, parameter values, the growth of service users, fake news, labor exploitation, trust and ethics issues, etc. It questions whether these advancements fill in or replace something we already have, and if so, to what extent (scale). If technology is replacing or augmenting something that already exists, as a strategy for navigating this extreme, we try to draw a scale of intercompatibility beyond the abstract term of 'large scale.


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Forking Room

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Park Syemin, Kim Kirak, Min Young Kim, Heejo Kim, Eunji Park, Sun Park, Jisso Jit Seo, Nayoung Lee, Jinkyung Her

Research Lab Talk: Scaling is in Progress
Park Syemin, Jisso Jit Seo, Nayoung Lee, Jinkyung Her

Post Territory Ujeongguk - 탈영역우정국 

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