Gaze is a project by Kimchi and Chips. I created 3D simulations and helped in the overall production. 

The mirrors we use in our daily lives are mass produced by covering the back side with aluminum, which inevitably yields to a distortion in the image due to light refraction. Such distortion is amplified when the number of reflections increases, leading to a big gap between the actual object and its reflected image. To be able to gaze at oneself ever closer to “the real” by creating a reflection image that is not different from the original, the artists have invented a radically flat glass panel by using Machine Vision that measures the flatness and by repeatedly grinding the surface. Also, by silvering the frontal surface of this glass panel, the duo produced an apparatus called Front Silvered Mirror, which eliminates lig ht refraction and creates a reflection that is almost identical to the actual object.

3D Simulation

Image description: Lighting test in Unreal Engine 

Image description: Mirror Motion tests in Unreal Engine

Image description: Sending mirror parameters(pan, tilt, height, rotation) and light parameters from Unreal to Ableton Live via OSC communication.



Kimchi and Chips

Design and Technology
Kimchi and Chips

Production, Fabrication
C2 Artechnolozy

Production assistant
Kang Donghwi, Park Syemin

Technical assistant
Na Youngil, Lee Jin

Robert Henke

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