Art Center Nabi

The advance in digital media and information technology has not only changed our daily lives but is fundamentally transforming the way we think, feel and relate to each other. Art, enabled by new technologies, is also evolving and expanding its horizon. The newly expanded horizons of art and technologies lead us to constant reflection, as well as creation, on the nature of the newly forming relationship between man and machine.

Art Center Nabi’s mission centers around three main areas; being a ‘critique’ of contemporary technology; nurturing ‘creativity’, thus opening new possibilities of creative expressions; building 'community' where new ideas are shared and developed into new social movements. Art Center Nabi hopes to be a space, where artistic sensibilities combined with technological possibilities bring out the power of positive change in man as well as in society.

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Gathering Moss (2021), ‘Plastic Sarira’
Play On AI (2020), ‘Sowol-ro’
Open Lab (Artificial Intelligence), participant

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