Kimchi and Chips

KIMCHI and CHIPS is a Seoul based art collective founded in 2009 by Mimi Son (KR) and Elliot Woods (EN). Their practice begins at the recognition that the arts, sciences and philosophy are not distant disciplines that must be bridged, but act as alternative maps onto the same territory, and that employing these maps in tandem allows the territory to be navigated more readily.

Their installation series ‘Drawing in the Air’ was a study of mass and space-time that brought together the relativistic thinking of Einstein, the duration oriented philosophy of Buddhism and the divide between reality and images which has escalated to a dilemma within contemporary western politics. This series culminated in the public artwork Halo at Somerset House which brought the sun down to earth in a heady alchemy of technology and nature. 99 robotic mirrors reflected sunlight into a cloud of water during the height of summer to create drawings out of sunlight under the chaotic control of the weather and Copernican dynamics.

Their research-based approach has caused them to give the ‘first word’ on a number of artistic formats both conceptually and in execution - specifically within the fields of volumetric images in fog and 3D projection onto non-designed forms. Consequently, they became the first Korean artists to win the Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica signifying their importance within the field of media art. By releasing their techniques online as over 100 open source code libraries, countless other practitioners have adopted the studio’s understanding and incorporated it into their own work.

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Halo (2021), as production assistant
Gaze (2021) as production assistant
Collective Behaviour(2022) as NFT Developer

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